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Cherishing Children and their Futures

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Our Curriculum

The Compass Curriculum 


At Compass Academy Trust we believe that the curriculum is central to everything that we do – it is everything that the children we serve experience whilst in our care – whether that is the informal curriculum, the academic curriculum or the curriculum that enables children to be ‘next steps ready’ both in their learning and in their lives.


We want to enable all children to make sense of the world, to embrace its richness and diversity, its awe and its wonder. They will then have the strong potential to grow into responsible citizens within a worldwide community.


The key features of our curriculum in each of our schools can be summarised as follows:


  • Ambitious – broad, balanced, bespoke and engaging, always planning for deep and profound learning in relevant, purposeful contexts  

  • Beautiful – valuing learning and education expansively; developing life-long learners 

  • Collaborative – facilitating communication, co-construction and pupils as agents of change 

  • Diverse – recognising the rich context in which we live and each school’s community and ensuring equality  

  • Equitable – making sure that all children have access to an excellent education 

  • Ethic of Excellence – focussing on quality and depth rather than quantity and superficial learning, always striving for the best though evaluation and feedback 

  • Future-focused – building 21st century skills and engaging with 21st century issues 

  • Global – developing interdependent, responsible global citizens through connecting local, national and international dimensions 

  • Holistic – developing the whole child in body, mind and spirit, ensuring their personal development and wellbeing 

  • Inspiring – motivates children to be inquiring and investigative 

  • Moral – encouraging whole school communities to develop positive values that serve the common good 

  • Multi-dimensional – learning is undertaken across all three domains, engaging ‘head, heart and hand’ bringing together and applying substantive and disciplinary knowledge 

  • Purposeful – with a clear end ‘product’ in mind, planned backwards with clear assessment criteria  


Please click on the document below for The Compass Curriculum - Our Aspirations and Our Why


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